Friday, May 9, 2008

The City part2

Here are more examples of the environment. Inspirations include Blade Runner, Metropolis...Those movies really struck a cord with me mostly due to their epic scale. But, as you see, I really want a diverse personality to the city. Parts are inspired by Roman designs, parts Shanghai, then other parts are punk scene references.

A big help to me has been the books "New York in the Thirties" by Berenice Abbott, "The Metropolis of Tomorrow" by Hugh Ferriss, and "Film Architecture" by Dietrich Neumann.

Next week we'll talk characters.


looka said...


...ahem, I always get exited
when someone is doing such
vibrant "ink paintings" I
have to say!

Photographer Andreas Feiningers
"New York in the Forties" is a beautiful, hazy city report too.

now I'm exiting,
best Simon

Monkeyfeather said...

This is looking truly OUTSTANDING Toby.

andy kuhn said...


i met you at san diego two years ago. i am very glad that you are finally putting out RODD RACER. i'm happy to buy anything you draw, but i'm much more interested in your creator owned work. everything i've seen from RR so far looks awesome! i can't wait!

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous locale designs and setups Toby. This project can't be in my hands soon enough!

When does the film go into production?

So any chance you'll be at comic con with something to sell this year? Sure hope so.

rory said...

This looks fantastic, I hope the book is so successful you can make your personal projects full time and do the other stuff as side gigs...every creators dream....:)

roque said...

Unbelievable! I'm already standing in line to buy this book!

lorenzo said...

I like this work...

Braden said...

Day one BOUGHT!

EL GRANDE said...

• Home Run. Touchdown. Goal. Three words that don’t even nearly describe how awesome this is.

Joe y Elio

Kristen McCabe said...

Toby, you Rock! I can't wait to buy this. Do you have any sketchbooks to sell? I need sketchbook or something to hold me over until your book comes out. If you do, email me at


Anonymous said...