Tuesday, November 30, 2010

RODD RACER available now for a LIMITED TIME ONLY!!

UPDATE: 12.20.10
Thank you all who have ordered the book, your support for the book will not be forgotten.
I have plans for a wider release later next year with Image Comics, so if you could not get your hands on this limited release edition, look for it next spring at your local comic shops...but more info on that later.

I will continue shipping final orders this week, and next for those still waiting to receive their copy. Thanks again!

If you would like to contact me at Punkrock*Jazz Publishing please email:
or snail mail:
Toby Cypress
1108 Laurel Ave.
Sea Girt, NJ 08750

refunds available if sold out.

If you can not get a copy now, arrangements are being made with a large publisher for wide distribution next spring 2011.

Thank you for your support!!!
~T.Cypress & Punkrock*Jazz Publishing.


Sean Phillips said...

How much extra to ship to the UK, Toby?

T.Cypress said...

nothing extra.
$17 will get the book to any punkrockin' nation on earth :)

Rian said...

Just ordered my copy. Been waiting for this to see print for some time now. I'm looking forward to the 1 page of sex that your preview video promises.

barrymcw said...

Ach! Just found the link to buy your book & it's sold out. Rest assured, I'll buy it from Image in 2011.

Happy holidays