Wednesday, April 30, 2008

The City

Thank you to everybody that has expressed interest in RODD RACER.
And thank you for your patience, this project has been very hard work, and I still have a ton of work left.

So, for my first official post I decided to start with "the city". The environment in which the story takes place. It doesn't have a name, inspired by Fritz Lang's designs, and noir films. The city is huge, and the story spans thru each borough, screaming past art deco, shanghai, roman deco, punk's been alot of fun designing the "personality" of the environment. Since the story doesn't have a specific time frame in which it takes place, I wanted the city to feel futuristic, and yet vintage at the same time. Kind of a "neverwhere" so to speak.
This piece is not the actual "finished" version, only a work in progress.

Release date/Publisher?

Many people have emailed me asking for a release date, and a publisher.
I don't have a release date yet because I'm working on RODD RACER between paying gigs that support my independent projects such as RACER.

My first love is my creator owned concepts, and I intend to release books that I can be very proud of. Rodd Racer is my first, and I'm learning alot, improving alot. Future books of mine are already benefiting from my patience in RODD RACER.

RODD RACER has been in production for 3 years...WOW. It's nearly done, and it will be released this year, likely late summer.

I still have a problem with finding a suitable publisher, I'm hoping to go with Image comics, but I have had very slow experiences with them, and they seem totally overwhelmed with projects for the time being. I've had a good relationship with them for the past few years, and hope that RODD RACER will be published with them.

There are many publishers that have expressed an interest in publishing RODD RACER, but working as an indy creator can be very slow in nailing down commitments. I'm hoping to work with people that will bend over backwards in working with RACER, promoting, and believing in my work as much as I do.

So, as soon as I find a publisher that doesn't flake out, then we'll have a solid release date.

More news, and art next week!