Thursday, March 26, 2009

Character 2

Drag' On.
A tragic, and mysterious figure in the story.

"Kirko was one of the greatest young racers of her time, and poised to assume many of racing's most cherished records before a horrible accident cut short her attempt for a 13th straight victory. The beautiful young racer died on the track that day, but was offered a new chance to achieve her glory when the Yakuza Crime Clan resurrected Kirko with cybernetic twitch react/response reflexes that have enhanced her skills for deadly purpose.
Drag' On was born, a lethal racer, a lethal hitman for the Yakuza Crime Clan."

Drag' On is one of the antagonists of Rodd Racer, and in a way, plays the greatest role in the story.
Both Rodd, and Drag'On have very similar purposes for their lives, but chose different paths to achieve them.

Drag' On might be my favorite character in the story...certainly my favorite to draw :)

I think Drag' On represents myself at my most creative, focused, and most risky. Those are the times I tend to be my best.
But I also sacrifice a lot of myself, my family, friends because I can become very focused on my goals, and forget about what really matters in fulfilled living.
Drag' On has chosen to go a bit too far in one direction...and that could lead to people dying ;)