Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Rough Stuff

Wanted to post a little rough work.
Sorry for the poor photos...
Here you can see how loose my pencils are when I start inking. I like to keep my inks looking very spontaneous, and alive if possible. So, I pencil very roughly...mostly focused on space, gesture. All the details are fleshed out, and finalized in my inks, this way I feel like things don't look too stiff, or "polished".

You can kind of compare photos 2, and 3. I had alot of rough stuff to decipher, panels 1,2, and 4 kind of show how I interpreted my loose pencils, and cleaned them up in the inks.

Photo 5 shows my typical "penciled" page, where I stop penciling, and start inking. I've had enough experience inking my chicken scratch that I can understand what I'm going for without a laborious drawing tightened to death.

I mostly learned how to ink my loose pencils by deadline. I simply never had the time to pencil and ink, so I had to learn how to do both at the same time. time I hope to post some more on the Characters of Rodd Racer.
See you then,